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Let’s coffee? February 16, 2009

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Just for the record: today I obtained my M.S. in Computer Science (Federal University of Pernambuco). I thank everybody who attended my defense or supported me somehow through these years, specially professors Alex Gomes and Luciano Meira. Special thanks to my fiancée and family for the prayers.

As soon as we start the patent procedure, I’ll be able to make my dissertation available here. By now, these were the title and abstract of my research:

Let’s coffee? Design of a ubiquitous experience to support conversational learning at the workplace

Nonetheless the systems and digital sources of information aimed to solve communication issues in companies of all sizes, an ancient technology for knowledge creation and sharing remains effective and efficient through human history – “talking”, informally and face-to-face. In this work we performed an observational study in a technology company to comprehend the phenomenon of informal conversations among its workers. As the main result, we propose a ubiquitous experience to augment face-to-face conversations in the workplace by using content recommendation as people talk.

Keywords: Conversational learning, Workplace, Ubiquitous computing, Experience design.


Talking about our team October 30, 2008

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My friends from Latitude14 recently asked me some questions about my professional life and Karine has posted the complete interview (in Portuguese).

That’s part of an worthy effort to get people sharing their experiences in the UX field. Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity, guys!

10th anniversary of HCI in Brazil October 26, 2008

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Last week we had the Brazilian Symposium of Human Factors on Computer Systems (more known as ‘IHC’). The event was held at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) and celebrated the 10th anniversary of HCI events in Brazil.

Visiting the Museum of Science and Technology (PUCRS)

Group visiting the Museum of Sciences and Technology (PUCRS)

Keynote speeches were given by Mary Czerwinsky (Principal Researcher and Manager, Microsoft Research Visualization & Interaction Research Group) and Regina Bernhaupt (Assistant Professor, University of Salzburg, Austria).

Victor and I presented CESAR’s Lab to the HCI community and talked about our experience in integrating usability methods into confidential projects protected by non-disclosure agreements.

One funny moment happened when Professor Milene Silveira (PUCRS) – who impeccably organized the event – was trying to begin her presentation and a salsa started from nobody knows where :)

I also had the chance to be part of the committee for the Evaluation Competition category. By the way, congratulations to the team of the Universidade de Fortaleza!

IHC’08 was a unique opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. My best wishes for everyone who attended the event!

With Professor Amanda Meincke Melo (Rede Anhanguera)

With Professor Amanda Meincke Melo (Rede Anhanguera)

With Victor (CESAR), Ana Filardi (Embrapa), and Fabiane

With Victor (CESAR), Ana Filardi (Embrapa), and Fabiane

With Pedro Belleza (RBS)

With Pedro Belleza (Grupo RBS)

HCI in Chile August 25, 2008

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Today we received at CESAR Dr. Cristian Rusu, from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile). He’s the director of graduate programs in Informatics Engineering at the Escuela de Ingenieria Informatica, teaching HCI as optional undergraduate subject since 2003, and as compulsory graduate subject (Master program) since 2006.

Cristian visited our user experience lab and after that he talked about HCI in the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso.

The audience was composed mainly by attendees from CESAR and UXrecife. Cristian is spending a couple of weeks in Recife, invited by professor Alex Gomes from the Cognitive Science and Educational Technology Group (Informatics Center, Federal University of Pernambuco).

In the photo: Piraua, me, Victor, and Cristian by the end of the meeting.

User experience guerrilla April 30, 2008

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Yesterday we had another UXrecife’s gathering, held at Marista College. Lots of students attended to the presentations, which were about working with user experience in our city. I talked about the guerrilla strategies that we at CESAR have adopted in order to promote user experience inside a mide-sized 12-year-old technology-driven company.

UX Guerrilla

My presentation is in Portuguese, though the strategies are in English. Pictures of the gathering can be found here, here and here.

UXrecife hanging out

After the meeting, some UXrecife members went to hang out.

The designer’s role in IT December 13, 2007

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Last november, Paulo and I taught a four-day workshop entitled ‘Practicing User-Centered Design’ during the Revela Design seminar in Recife.

In this short video (in Portuguese), we talk about the essential role of the designer on the development of IT solutions to really address people’s needs.