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Let’s coffee? February 16, 2009

Posted by Levi in Talking.

Just for the record: today I obtained my M.S. in Computer Science (Federal University of Pernambuco). I thank everybody who attended my defense or supported me somehow through these years, specially professors Alex Gomes and Luciano Meira. Special thanks to my fiancée and family for the prayers.

As soon as we start the patent procedure, I’ll be able to make my dissertation available here. By now, these were the title and abstract of my research:

Let’s coffee? Design of a ubiquitous experience to support conversational learning at the workplace

Nonetheless the systems and digital sources of information aimed to solve communication issues in companies of all sizes, an ancient technology for knowledge creation and sharing remains effective and efficient through human history – “talking”, informally and face-to-face. In this work we performed an observational study in a technology company to comprehend the phenomenon of informal conversations among its workers. As the main result, we propose a ubiquitous experience to augment face-to-face conversations in the workplace by using content recommendation as people talk.

Keywords: Conversational learning, Workplace, Ubiquitous computing, Experience design.



1. Gerard Toonstra - February 17, 2009

Hi Felipe,

Congratulations from Holland! I know you’re already an authority in your area. Let this be the start of a fruitful and successful career!

Levi - February 20, 2009

Hi Gerard, it’s been a long time since we worked at CESAR! How you doing? Thanks for the kind words, I’m amazed at how many interesting things there are to be studied!

2. Khristofferson Silveira - March 5, 2009

Congratulations, Levi!

Nice topic for a reserach, by the way :)

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